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Close Look: Vetements

By Raiment Young

The only way to see if the unceasing rave for Vetements makes any sense is to have an actual look at the clothes. 433 mots de plus

RTW—Autumn/Winter 2016

Heavy Cross

I’m in love with Frank Ocean’s latest drop, ‘Blond‘, and anything else that has something to do with his newest album. From Tyrone Lebon’s video for ‘ 267 mots de plus


Adult Angst and Sacrilegious​ Souls

When I was seventeen I showed up to school wearing a white t-shirt that let my entire high school know that they could go fuck themselves. 515 mots de plus


High end vs high street

Recently I was thinking quite a lot about high street brands copying or being inspired by fashion designers. The newest collections in many shops are literal copies of high end designs and many brands don’t even try to pretend they imitated some of the best sellers or even entire collections. 263 mots de plus