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What's New in XCOM 2?

In the final video in our three part series on XCOM 2, we talk to Jake about tackling the difficult sequel, and what changes we should expect in XCOM 2. 76 mots de plus


Store Owner Sets Trap For Burglar And Tapes The Whole Thing

from Neatorama

One of the most frustrating things about having your home or business broken into is the fact that the thieves are almost never caught in the act by law enforcement officials, and video isn’t always enough to put them away for their crimes. 102 mots de plus


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 151009 Jay Lim shares a video of Junsu in a batting cage with Mooyoung

김형제가 야구를 잘한다👍

The Kim brothers are good at baseball👍

김형제가 야구를 잘한다👍

A video posted by Jay Lim (@jaylim04) on Oct 9, 2015 at 4:50am PDT…

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Is it a Spider Bite? MRSA?

Grace says: It was some non-poisonous spider, but it was so small at first I didn’t notice the actual bite marks and assumed it was just a pimple. 30 mots de plus