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An Easter Egg With a Twist

Is there any better way to celebrate the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith than borrowing a pagan festival of fertility and spring and getting chocolate companies to make a fortune off it? 232 mots de plus


Lapte si Miere

Inspirati, se pare, din scrierile Vechiului Testament, alesii nostri vor eradicarea saraciei si cresterea nivelului de trai peste nivelul oricarei tari de pe pamant. Dupa automatele de lapte deja montate in unele piete din Romania, guvernantii nostri, stapaniti in continuare de dorinta de a face bine( practic nu se mai pot opri), vor montarea si a unor automate de miere in toate localitatile patriei.Iar printr-o ordonanta de urgenta cum era si normal, vor sa schimbe numele tarii din Romania in…Canaan. 151 mots de plus


Time To Put the Bong Down and Saddle Up, Your Winery Needs You!

I didn’t really know how to approach this one. There’s going to be stigma about marijuana for a long time to come even though it’s now legal in California. 433 mots de plus


Raise a Glass to the U.S.

We are a few days away from our 4th of July celebration and since we have a multicultural nation I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog on international wines paired with typical American 4th of July dishes. 199 mots de plus


When Wine Lovers Unite (OperaWine2016) #Verona

Cheers to a wonderful day wine lovers!
Saturday April 9th was the anticipated OperaWine (5th edition) event hosted in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia by Wine Spectator. 865 mots de plus