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7.15 - The One With The New House

I know I just posted the Heir Poll Results, but we’ve got to get to YA before we can really start anything. I also want to give you all the obligatory New House Tour! 967 mots de plus


Les Charmes de Kirwan, second vin de Château Kirwan

Un second vin c’est quoi?

Un second vin est un type de vin. Il s’agit de la deuxième marque d’un domaine viticole, dans la même appellation que le vin principal (appelé « grand vin », « cru » ou « premier vin ») de ce domaine.

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The Hero of Ages

I don’t think I have a lot to say without spoiling the whole Mistborn series.

Just omg. Brandon Sanderson is a freaking genius. 

If you have read Harry Potter before, you must have been awed by J.K. 226 mots de plus


Strawberries in my wine

« I smell strawberries in my wine » « This wine has hints of new oak » « It’s floral » « Undertones of peppercorns » 749 mots de plus


premier not premium

he detects the undertones, every spicy note, the harmony of the flavours. i’m here to forget i have taste buds, dammit, stop talking in my ear. 77 mots de plus


hit it!

she doesn’t spare me a glance but takes the time to comment on my appearance anyway. i’ve been here enough times for her to trace the shape of my face by sound. 102 mots de plus


7.14 - The One Where It's Over

Who’d have thought that I’d only have two posts before the Heir Poll when I went on my strike? It probably should’ve stretched out a little longer, as Kel only turned teen in the last post, but I have suddenly developed the awful habit of leaving the game unpaused when I’m doing other things and not realising. 1 205 mots de plus