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8.3 - The One With The Unsupportive Family

That last post was so damn hard to write, but hey! I made it through!! And now it’s time for the next one, with KARASI BABIES! 735 mots de plus


Eclipse: coming out from the shadows.

Sometimes the Moon is caught between the Earth and the Sun in perfect alignment casting its shadow over the Earth.

Now if you are somewhere in outer space, outside of this alignment and maybe on another planet or a spaceship (higher the possibility) you will be able to enjoy the site of this extraordinary although periodical phenomenon. 311 mots de plus


Dans "Millésime 54", notre amour du vin nous propulse dans le Paris des années 50

Entre Retour Vers le Futur et Amélie Poulain, « Millésime 54 » est un récit attendrissant qui nous propulse dans un Paris des années 50 où l’on peut tomber sur Edith Piaf et Jean Gabin qui dinent tranquillement aux Halles avant qu’elles ne deviennent un énorme centre commercial. 749 mots de plus


Free Online VIN Number Check Clinton

Hey everybody.
Howtocheckvinclinton here  talk to you about your Free Online VIN Number Check. Vehicle identification number is basically your vehicle’s fingerprint, no two vehicles have the same VIN. 339 mots de plus

Check VIN Number Clinton

Check VIN Number Clinton.

I’m going to show you how to buy an auction car online, I recently bought this Toyota Tacoma online and I’ll show you how I did it and how I got it for $1,400. 393 mots de plus

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How to Check VIN Number Clinton

Hey everyone, Howtocheckvinclinton here again and we found another VIN check service that we like a lot and thought we would go ahead and share it with you. 315 mots de plus

Check VIN Number Clinton


“Kalogeri” is the name of a place in Attica where Papagianakos Winery is situated.  It means « an old monk” and it can be used to characterize wise and old people usually men (and recently women) who are rather monks or nuns by profession or solitaries by choice and who usually provide spiritual guidance intentionally or unintentionally.  235 mots de plus