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Adventist Church in North America responds to hate, violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

“We are deeply disturbed by the violence and hate that descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend. We are heartbroken by the tragic death of Heather Heyer, who was standing up against bigotry and hate when her life was senselessly cut short. 98 mots de plus

Right To Life

Passage à l’acte

One of the images that has stayed with me from the Barcelona terror attack is that of the young terrorist who is shot by the Spanish policeman in Cambrils south of the city in the early hours of Friday morning, who gets back on his feet and taunts the policeman and bystanders whilst striding around with a false explosive belt on before being shot to the ground. 277 mots de plus


Political Violence

Anarchists hate violence. We are the only political ideology which wish to take violence out of social relationships. We wish to say goodbye to the police officer and the army commander.   256 mots de plus

(Salack) Nuốt xuống vảy da

(Salack) Nuốt xuống vảy da


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Environmental Factors To Crime And Violence and A Corollary For Political Leadership

By Karen Barna

“It is virtue alone that entitles a ruler to rule, and when he sets aside virtue, he sets aside the right to call himself a sovereign.” …

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The Need of the Hour

Sunday August 20, 2017 By Bob Cote

Matthew 5:19 Jesus calls us to peace. A message in the wake of Charlottesville last week.