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Mob Rule

Yesterday I saw some ants on a gravel road.  I don’t know the species but I am guessing Formica obscuripes.  As near as I can tell a number of workers are holding down and killing another worker of the same species. 20 mots de plus


Crime: Growing Trend of Summer Violence in Detroit

Source: WDIV Local 4 News
Posted By: YDS Staff

Ten people were shot Sunday night on Gratiot near Whithorn on Detroit’s east side. One of the victims is just 14-years-old. 259 mots de plus

So We Have This Thing Called Prison . . .

There are those who claim to have the right to deny service on religious grounds to LGBT couples whom wish to marry after the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. 295 mots de plus


The Rule Of Boko Haram

Today Nigeria, with a population of some 174 million people, is the world’s tenth-largest oil producer, pumping 2.4 million barrels a day, and has the highest gross national product in Africa. 43 mots de plus


From Prairial to Pop Culture: Day Nineteen. Anger Management

The Occupy Wall Street movement was called Les Indignés in France. What revolutionary-era group shared a similarly exasperated name?
1. Les Fâchés
2. Les Colériques
3. Les Enragés
4. Les Furieux

French Revolution

Let's get ready, get set, and let's go!

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MISSING MY SON « LIL MATT »  — JULY 28, 2012 will be 3 years that my son has been gone from this earth. 2 119 mots de plus