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Chaos Of Entanglement

Cyrus – What’s in a name?

It was in summer that I was born and named;

A late bloomer conceived and coloured by midnight

And cradled by the moon’s grace. 171 mots de plus

HarperCollins India presents The Night of Broken Glass by Feroz Rather


is delighted to announce the publication of The Night of Broken Glass by Feroz Rather,

a novel in short stories and a fictional account on Kashmir… 495 mots de plus

Hit-Girl #5 (Image)

Rating: 5/5 – Lemire & Risso Make Hit-Girl Kick Ass in Canada…
By ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

With apologies for the pun on the title of the series Hit-Girl spun off from, this comic kicks ass!  323 mots de plus


If we don't change, maybe we don't deserve to be here

I’ve been waiting breathlessly for the return of Babylon 5, a science fiction classic I got into belatedly. I even co-opted one of its characters, Lyta Alexander, when I was in an online RPG 20 years ago. 831 mots de plus

5 Things To Know About U.S. Immigration Policy

Yesterday, after days of public outcry, Donald Trump signed an executive order ending his administrations policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Ending this brutal policy is a victory, but it is only a weak palliative for a much larger problem. 1 617 mots de plus

Going Home

Going Home

Near Kirkuk
five soldiers watch
or work
while two wheel
the blood-soaked
gurney from the
inflated O.R. The
sergeant’s leg
and discarded, time… 56 mots de plus