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In Pakistan, Tolerant Islamic Voices Are Being Silenced

A radical anti-Sufi movement is growing throughout the Islamic world. Until the 20th century, ultra-orthodox strains of Islam tended to be regarded as heretical by most Muslims. 45 mots de plus


John Wick: Chapter 2 | No Spoiler Review

It was 2014 and John Wick, a neo-noir movie starring Keanu Reeves, had just hit the cinemas. Keanu Reeves played the infamous boogeyman known as John Wick, an ex-hitman who seeks blood from the gangsters who killed his puppy. 627 mots de plus

No Spoilers

The Media vs. The 'Celebrity': A Focus on PewDiePie

The words: Disney, Antisemitism and PewDiePie may trigger a few choices opinions given the not-so-distant memories of the allegations made against YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie, only last week. 1 493 mots de plus


Early “Zenophobic” Strike in Mamelodi East

Mamelodi East Residents had a strike last night near Mahube BP garage. They burned tyres and blocked the four-way junction with rocks and burned tyres. Taxis and cars were not allowed to pass through. 148 mots de plus


Zambia High Commission | Advisory Note to Zambians in South Africa - attacks on Foreigners

PRETORIA – 21ST FEBRUARY, 2017 – THE High Commission of Zambia in South Africa would like to advise Zambians living in South Africa to exercise caution in the wake of attacks on foreign nationals and their properties that have been reported in some parts of the country. 369 mots de plus

South Africa

EU accession process needs security rethink

As Bosnia-Herzegovina begins the slow process of joining the European Union, QCEA has published a paper arguing that little progress will be made until the EU better matches the security requirements it places upon Bosnia to the real needs of citizens. 732 mots de plus