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The Culture Of Violence Part One

My post today centers specifically on American culture and, of course, American society. I am going to talk about the place of violence in American culture and how that is reflected in American society. 2 010 mots de plus


The Edges of Compassion

Maybe I can’t manage compassion all the time. Maybe sometimes the best I can muster is pity.

And maybe that’s okay. 481 mots de plus


A Shepherding Love

One of the best things about spring is the return of baseball season! I have to admit, I don’t follow baseball all that closely – I’m more of a football and basketball fan, personally – but the other day, I clicked into a sports article to see how the Nationals are faring so far this season. 1 707 mots de plus


A Doom Mod Where You Make Friends With Demons


Screenshot: Mr. Friendly

Mr. Friendly is a new mod for Doom that asks you to talk to the monsters instead of killing them, fish for fun, and steal textures from the walls. 851 mots de plus


The New Collective Unconscious

As each day slowly passes by, I have found myself in an increasing number of encounters with people that are passive-aggressive and incapable of basic politeness and courtesy. 282 mots de plus


Digital panopticon and the triumph of the unfree will

22. IV 2018

The smart phone is not just a surveillance apparatus, it is also a mobile confessional. Facebook is the church – the global synagogue of the Digital. 345 mots de plus


The Gift of Fear

20 years ago, a great book came out called The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker.  This book tells how to use fear to recognize the bad guy, and not be a victim. 912 mots de plus