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Originally written in fall 2012

My earliest memory, you see, was when I was a little less than 2 years old. My mom was sobbing as she dragged me out of the house late one night. 786 mots de plus



One fun thing about disclosure (I’m being sarcastic, it’s not fun) is that even when the listener believes you, even when they get the severity — there’s a risk that it’ll pan out like giving away your True Name to a sorceress, a carte blanche window into your soul, a contract signed in blood.  223 mots de plus

Robbery and Sexual Assault

If someone robs your house and steals everything you own, you feel unsafe, violated and on high alert for future thefts.

If someone breaks into your house everyday and steals just one CD, you feel unsafe, violated and on high alert for future thefts. 699 mots de plus


Why is it in an age of abundant information,

That we use a club of brutality in a question?

The best way to hide hate is use a question… 79 mots de plus

Amber Heard Accusing Johnny Depp Of Domestic Abuse

Things are getting pretty messy for Johnny Depp and (soon to be ex) wife, Amber Heard.

After the announcement of their divorce came out yesterday, the newest reports say that Amber is claiming domestic violence accusations again Johnny. 190 mots de plus


Domestic Violence Forget What You Think You Know

I have been a huge fan of Johnny Depp every since he starred on the television show 21 Jump Street. He is quite an attractive man. 279 mots de plus

Dry Flowers

I have been writing about my will to move to Canada…but today I feel I have to write about Flowers…drying flowers…young rosebuds.

Ton gave me a beautiful potted miniature roses…I have taken such care of them!! 183 mots de plus