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On The Evening News

While walking back home from being on the beach and boardwalk with my teenage son, I got interviewed by the local news to discuss the recent violence in Myrtle Beach. 81 mots de plus

Just Beachy!

Speed (1994)- Taking You For a Ride

A simple rule for action movies, especially of the Western variety: the more explosions the better. Everyone likes a good explosion and nothing draws the audience’s attention from wandering more than a loud, colorful boom. 733 mots de plus


Rigpa Students in a Quandary: What to Do When Seeing Your Guru Punch a Nun in the Stomach Crosses a Line?

A week ago until today I received different emails from a person who wants to change Rigpa from within. In that context, I argued about the integrity and truthfulness of a certain fully ordained nun.

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On Writing...It's Now My Time: Coffee, Poetry & The Past

Writing « It’s Now My Time: Coffee, Poetry & The Past was an experience all by itself. This is my first novella or short memoir I have ever written. 795 mots de plus


Father Takes His Son To Disneyland. . . Then Kills The Boy . . . To ‘Spite’ His Babys Mother!!

A California man is being charged with the UNTHINKABLE CRIME of murdering his son to “spite” his baby’s mother. Police say that Aramazd Andressian Jr. murdered his 5-year-old son shortly after taking the boy to a trip to Disneyland. 104 mots de plus


The Leaving

All I want is to see you walk through the door. I want to see your fucking cock hard in your pants for me, I want those violent eyes to challenge me, subdue me. 17 mots de plus

From Human To Titan, No Violence Required

(Source: cosplay.kotaku.com)

Here’s the always-incredible Alyson Tabbitha with an Attack on Titan outfit that was as simple to put together as it is impressive. 93 mots de plus