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The Problem with Today's Society

I have always enjoyed philosophical debates and pondering big problems and questions in the world. If you are ever unlucky enough to get involved in an extensive, in-depth conversation with me about anything related to finance, fitness/nutrition, physical therapy, or the current state of our society, you better watch out. 1 525 mots de plus

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Toxic masculinity

“Nearly all mass murderers are men – 98 percent by one count. Gender is the most common feature among mass murderers, not race, religion, nationality, political persuasion, or history of mental illness. 67 mots de plus


Curve Balls and Shell Shocks

Sometimes life throws a curve ball. Not just a curveball, but a wild, woolly brick of a ball that changes course and shape as it speeds directly at your stomach, and all you can do is keep your eye on it and hope for the best as you swing. 649 mots de plus


Been thinking about the state of things

Violent Perceptions (in response to the state(s) of America)
by Ali S-I

We can’t control the way people perceive us.

Yes, behavior matters to a degree– 67 mots de plus


New Report: Whites Actually Way More Likely to Be Shot By Police…

When they’re not busy “peacefully” rioting… do you ever hear Black Lives Matter mention these statistics?

Louder With Crowder – August 23, 2016 121 Comments… 318 mots de plus


Aggression against Megadeth in Paraguay.

Paraguayan audience went postal at the last Megadeth presentation.

According to Paraguayan TV show Día a Día the last concert of Megadeth at Sport Colombia stadium in Asunción, Paraguay was catastrophic. 207 mots de plus


Alice Writes An Angry Letter

Dear Random Man on the Street Who Kept Talking to Me Until I Finally Looked at Him,

Thanks so much for picking me out of a crowded sidewalk of people to talk to. 453 mots de plus

Alice Thinks Like A Social Justice Warrior