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Children's Mental Health Week 2016

This year, the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week, is « building resilience » and teaching children how to « bounce forward » from life’s challenges. 369 mots de plus

💜 to 💜: Don't settle for a Punch in the Face

My people, my people…longtime no write. Pardon me oh, your girl has been busy but I’ll still be checking up on you guys once once :mrgreen::mrgreen: 331 mots de plus

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An Ash Wednesday reflection

We tend to think of the Bible as a holy book filled with stories of holy people. It is not. This book is pretty disturbing. 707 mots de plus


Memphis Police say two murders and two shootings happened within hours

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A violent day in the Mid-South. Four seperate shootings in a matter of hours.

Two people were killed and a third person is in the hospital. 407 mots de plus


Review: Deadpool

Deadpool begins perfectly, with enough reckless humour and exuberant violence to please die hard fans, however, as the film continues, it becomes both formulaic and cliched, falling into familiar comic book movie territory, without any impressive set pieces, while its lead character, played righteously by Ryan Reyonalds, oddly jumps between a strong unique anti-hero, and an amalgamation of other characters from the same genre. 3.5/5


From a welfare state to a warfare state

But money in politics is not the only major institutional factor in which everyday and state violence are nourished by a growing militarism. As David Theo Goldberg has argued in his essay « Mission Accomplished: Militarizing Social Logic, » the military has also assumed a central role in shaping all aspects of society.

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[Review] Deadpool

By James Cain

It’s nice that we can still be surprised by comic book movies. In recent years, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy… 537 mots de plus