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Codependency + Toxic People

I didn’t learn till I started EMDR that I was considered « codependent ». I knew that I had « caretaker syndrome » and that I  505 mots de plus


A Passionate Education?: The Creation of Boko Haram

Sam Epps explores the formation of Boko Haram and the lesser publicized effects it has had on Nigeria. See also Garrett Clark’s work on the… 966 mots de plus


news flash

is it so easy to

kill, is it as

easy as getting on

a bus, is it as

easy as turning

your back to the… 64 mots de plus



After hearing this weekend’s unfortunate news about a young rapper’s death, I find myself urged to share my feelings about « music » today. When I think about it I often ponder in confusion, disappointment, worry. 432 mots de plus

5 times at which you SHOULD abandon a person

Abandonment is usually associated with viciousness, that’s at least my first thought when the word « abandon » crosses my mind. But as I thought it trough in-depth, I realized that abandoning is sometimes the only way for things to go on. 675 mots de plus


Political Totalitarianism in America

(Photo via Twitter@mattdpearce Matt Pearce LA Times correspondent)

« It’s my way or the highway! » « You’re either for us or against us! » « You’re un-American. 700 mots de plus


Why did Anusha collapse after her first SSC exam?

Anusha was one of my favourite students.  She was a very good student, but not the topper, brilliant types. Anusha was a very hardworking, well mannered and studious girl and consistently scored over 90% marks. 1 173 mots de plus