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Will Peace with the FARC End Violence in Colombia?


“I return to the United Nations today, on the International Day of Peace, to announce with all the strength of my voice and my heart, that the war in Colombia has ended”

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Violence Begets Violence: Resource Extraction/Development & Violence Against Indigenous Women

I grew up on a dirt road and I would kick rocks all up and down that road on my way to and from school. That road is now paved. 2 200 mots de plus

‘Emergency’ need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic

September 2016SOCIAL TRENDS – Exorcists are in urgent demand as a result of a sharp rise in people dabbling in Satanism and the occult, experts from the Catholic Church in Italy and the US said. 613 mots de plus
Social Meltdown

27.270.Bes-Isa in Tortureland

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 270
« Bes-Isa in Tortureland »

« I need you to stay in your room for a while, » Mit-Sun said. 1 897 mots de plus


Campaign Nonviolence Action at Beale

This morning I was arrested with four other women at Beale Air Force Base after crossing onto base property.   We were taken by military bus to a building on base, given citations, and released.  340 mots de plus


Force and Ideas are Entirely Incompatible

Your intellectual and/or moral agreement with an idea is entirely irrelevant if those who are not in agreement are forced to submit to it. Once force is used to implement an idea, the idea no longer matters. 102 mots de plus


Bokeep File Confidential UN report details South Sudan threats, violence

Metode LPP adalah Metode Latihan Pembesar Penis dalam bentuk video latihan orang Eropa yang telah terbukti ampuhnya, tak perlu obat kimia atau obat tradisional apapun itu, hanya memerlukan latihan dan latihan. 159 mots de plus