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You hear stories all of the time about bitchy step moms, but you never want to believe that it will actually happen to you. My dad and my stepmom have been dating for almost 8 years and have been engaged for 6 of those. 148 mots de plus

Life In The Present

Rough Neighbourhood

As I headed back to my house after walking my brothers dog, I found a syringe in the backstreet, in front of my driveway.  First thought in my head was, « gross », second was « man, this is dangerous ».   281 mots de plus

Death in San Francisco police custody: Handcuffed victim stopped breathing

A 57-year-old man died Thursday while in the custody of San Francisco police.

Police said Filimoni Raiyawa of Sonoma County, Calif. stopped breathing after he was apprehended following a car crash. 434 mots de plus


Suspicious Parents Catch Nanny on Hidden Camera Doing the Unthinkable to Twin Daughters

My comments:  In today’s world many homes have both parents working to support the family.  This is of necessity, and many times unavoidable.  So, I would take exception with the author’s statements.  546 mots de plus


#WorkMustPay Campaign Update - Celebrations Party Shop

Yesterday, the 31st of July,  #WorkMustPay targeted Celebrations Party Shop on Middle Abbey Street. We had previously sent out a warning email but received no reply. 494 mots de plus


A question for you guys!

I have a question.

As I said I have been doing a lot of work on myself lately and currently having therapy for a lot of issues. 797 mots de plus


{WEEK ONE} learning, planning & moving.

Hello from Santa Cruz!

The team have been in Santa Cruz for 6 days now. Here is a little update of what has been happening so far and the news! 808 mots de plus

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