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Hoo! I might have a blood fetish now

Immortal Nights by Lynsay Sands

Okay, the page you want is: 37, 90, 105, 111, 133, 205, 246, 335, 342 (Yes, all of these)

How far do I want to fling it: to my bedside nightstand where it will live out the rest of it’s days being lovingly stroked by me. 742 mots de plus


Lament of the Indian Resident Doctor

Most of us went through a “When I go grow up, I’m going to be a doctor” phase during childhood. Mine began at age 7, and I never outgrew it. 1 881 mots de plus


Buxom Bandit...

Australia’s Buxom Bandit robbed a gas station this past Monday, but made out with more than just cash. The blonde bombshell is setting the Internet on fire as she becomes somewhat of a web celebrity. 170 mots de plus


Legal Petition Filed Against VPD Chief Adam Palmer and Seven Officers for Non-Cooperation in Investigation into Killing by Cops

The story of oversight of police forces and investigations into police harm to civilians in Canada has been consistently one of obstruction, intimidation, harassment, non-cooperation, and silencing by police toward investigative bodies and officials. 368 mots de plus


Man held in Belgium after driving towards pedestrians at high speed on Antwerp shopping street

Police in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp said on Thursday they had detained a man who tried to enter the main pedestrianised shopping street in a car at high speed, adding security in the city would be stepped up. 16 mots de plus


North Korea Missile Launch

By Cole Lindbo

On March 16, 2017 North Korea launch a missile over the Japan Sea. A day later North Korea announced that their goal was to hit a U.S military base stationed in Japan. 209 mots de plus


Sleep of Reason: The Third Reich and The Vatican

http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaidanproject/The_Sleep_of_Reason.mp3In this edition of The Aidan Project, Aidan is joined on the line from Florida by acclaimed authors, husband-and-wife, Gerald and Trisha Posner. The Posners have an impeccable body of work behind them; this episode draws upon their work on the Holocaust, including the role of the Vatican in working with the Third Reich for financial gain. 170 mots de plus