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Young Man Tricked On Social Media, Beat To Death

4 arrested in murder investigation; accused
of using social media to lure victim

BROOKSVILLE, FL  –  Detectives made four arrests in a grizzly Hernando County murder. 344 mots de plus

Good Parenting

One little hen

A little hen. Picture her. She’s sentient, she’s unique; her mind thinks complex thoughts, she knows so many things, but has never known freedom. 435 mots de plus



This is a post about violence against women – if you are sensitive to this type of material, please be aware that it can be triggering. 1 818 mots de plus

South Korea

Ghostbusters and Street Harassment:Men, this is on you

CW: Sexual assault and harassment. Also, this post contains kinda-not-really spoilers for Ghostbusters.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see  1 133 mots de plus


Rage: The Real Thing

I use to be a huge fan of horror movies. Especially those that depicted something that could, possibly, one day come true. To me, unbelievable stuff wasn’t scary at all, but that stuff that might happen…that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. 476 mots de plus



This year is a time of tremendous change in this country. We are sadly saying goodbye to the Obamas (truly the loveliest family we have seen in politics in a LONG time), and ushering in a new administration – and a new era. 292 mots de plus

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