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Parallels RAS V17.1 - Provisioning Virtual Desktops in Microsoft Azure


In the latest release of Parallels RAS (17.1), a new feature has been introduced allowing you to provision and deploy Virtual Desktops and RD Session hosts within Azure direct from the Parallels RAS Console. 523 mots de plus


Hyper-V Servers vs Windows Server Hyper-V – An Overview

Importance of Virtualization

Virtualization concepts aim for increased business productivity by
using a minimal number of physical servers. These virtualization
concepts can be implemented by the firmware or software components known… 449 mots de plus


Agility and the Cloud

I was recently sent an email by a colleague, Bryan O’Connor who is an expert in VMWare asking a question about the connection between Agile and the Cloud. 1 256 mots de plus


Understanding x86 Virtualization

Youtube runs thousands of servers and streams videos to millions of viewers. We assume a server to be a single physical machine rather they are part of many virtual machines running on top of a single physical machine across the thousands of computers in a data center. 1 562 mots de plus

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Hyper-V virtualization - Setup and Use in Windows 10

How to Setup and Use Hyper-V in Windows 10 for OS Virtualization

InformationWindows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise editions come with a built-in hypervisor client  1 816 mots de plus


VMworld Europe 2019

Hi all,

This blog was my attempt to keep track of all interesting things that happened during my visit to VMworld 2019 in Barcelona. It was my first attempt to create a live blog which I updated multiple times a day so I hope to hear what you think of this format. 2 265 mots de plus


VMCE v9u4 exam experience

How great the year started as mentioned in my previous blog it also declined to a terrible year due to personal circumstances. After a few months in which I invested in my family to support them through a hard time I’m finally back on track. 922 mots de plus