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Turquie : Istanbul

Through my work , I had the opportunity to travel to Istanbul.

Despite the short time spent on tour , I loved the city, its friendly people , its animation , and especially its history. 1 101 mots de plus

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Setting up my own Disney hotel

After staying in a Disney hotel for a couple of nights, it occurred to me that me too could set up one.

First step: take a location anywhere. 426 mots de plus

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Au Moyen-Orient pendant le Ramadan

Je me suis récemment rendu — il y a presque un an, mais comme ma connexion, mon ordi, Safari, WordPress (au choix) ont mangé mon article, j’ai pas eu le courage jusqu’ici de le reprendre mais comme le Ramadan revient… 784 mots de plus

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Disneyland, not Wonderland

Just back from Disneyland, and I couldn’t help but realize that Disneyland is no paradise. « Just » is to take loosely, I tend to delay my articles quite a lot. 888 mots de plus

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This is a forbidden picture. According to French law for childhood’s protection, it’s illegal to show the faces or identity of kids publicly in medias. But apparently, in Musée d’Orsay, it goes beyond that: it’s also forbidden to take pictures of their guide and of the group in its entirety. 286 mots de plus

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Traces corses

Voici quelques uns des itinéraires que nous avons empruntés en Corse. Je les ai enregistrés au moyen d’un GPS data logger (Globalsat DG-100). Petite boîte noire de la taille d’un paquet de cartes qui se contente d’enregistrer tous vos déplacements (2 – 3 jours d’autonomie en usage normal). 77 mots de plus

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Corsica: the Lodgings

You may be wondering how we lived our lives on Corsica, far from our computers and cell phones. (Well okay, we had our phones, but I only turned mine on for 2 minutes to wish Jenny a happy birthday and then turned it off again super quick!) 739 mots de plus

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