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Did They Really Wear The Horned Helmets?

No. Nope. Neinn (that’s « no » in Old Icelandic for you, you’re welcome). Vikings did not in fact wear the classic horned helmet ever. They didn’t wear them into battle, not to the mead hall, not to their weddings, not to fight the trolls, not to battle dragons, not to drink with the valkyries, not to sleep, not at any time! 343 mots de plus


Week of 7th February

This week kicks off with a concert performance of a rarity; Salieri’s Falstaff.  It’s a concert performance by Voicebox:Opera in Concert.  Larry Beckwith conducts the Aradia Ensemble and a cast of Voicebox stalwarts.   209 mots de plus

Toronto Opera News And Views

Gig review: Anima Eterna Brugge, Beethoven Symphonies 6&5/City Recital Hall

A program of Beethoven symphonies too often gives modern orchestras an excuse to really blast and shake the concert hall rafters. After all, Beethoven’s symphonies are full of pile-driving riffs and slammin’ power-chords. 536 mots de plus


Classical Music Almanac from the #Classical Stream

Friday, February 5, 2016

You can listen to the Classical Music Almanac Podcast Daily here.


In 1810 Ole Bull was born in Bergen, Norway. He was the eldest of ten children of Johan Storm Bull (1787–1838) and Anna Dorothea Borse Geelmuyden (1789–1875). 469 mots de plus

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tbt: nissan juke "donut action" commercial

Until I recall a different, better commercial, I’m dubbing this the GOAT of car commercials. It’s a car I’d probably never consider, but the way I see it here, a part of me goes, « Eh, why not? 100 mots de plus


BHJ's NEC Mid-Season Awards

This past week’s Wednesday and Thursday games marked the midway point of the Northeast Conference men’s basketball season. With a good sample size of eight league games plus adding in the non-conference games, it is a good time to see who are some of the front runners for the league’s conference awards according to myself with one month of the regular season remaining. 1 173 mots de plus

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