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Triple Compound Toe Tappers, Day 2 – BONUS DOUBLE POST - Ride of the Valkyries from The Valkyrie & Music of Transformation from the Rhine Gold by Richard Wagner

This week’s theme is…Triple Compound Toe Tappers!  4/4 time is so prevalent in music of all styles that it has a nickname, “common time”.  If you say “common time” to a musician, you can bet they will understand that you intend each measure to have four beats, and each beat to divide in half.   1 902 mots de plus


Opera as Idea and Performance: Class 4/5

We’re about halfway through spring quarter, and I can’t believe how fast it’s been going so far. I haven’t updated on the last two opera classes from the past two weeks yet, so I figured I’d blog about both here! 593 mots de plus

Magnificent Futility: Richard Strauss’s ‘Elektra’ at the Met

“I was a corpse among the living,” recalls the heroine of Richard Strauss’s Elektra in her fleeting moment of triumph at the end of the opera. 633 mots de plus

Tannhäuser after thirty years

It’s over thirty years since I last saw Tannhäuser  – when the old Moshinsky production was new.  I missed its only revival because the performance I’d booked for was cancelled because of a strike and, for other reasons, I missed the first run of the ROH’s present production.  1 344 mots de plus

Performances I've Seen

Rivers, Day 3 – The Rhine Gold by Richard Wagner

This week’s theme is…Rivers! Always in motion, rivers are nature’s steady, majestic channels, flowing with water day and night.  They have served as inspiration for artists and musicians in countless ways.   1 520 mots de plus


Heather Jacobs Introduced as Next Women's Basketball Head Coach at Wagner College

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.Wagner College has hired their next women’s basketball head coach, in Heather Jacobs.

Jacobs was recently at Adelphi University as the head coach of the women’s basketball team, spending six seasons as the coach of the Panthers. 388 mots de plus


The Stolen Cart

This reminds me very little of a story

When I was on the circuit, selling my jewelry at various Festivals and such; I made friends with a great number of people. 317 mots de plus