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Excalibur 34

Writer Chris Claremont

Artist Ron Wagner

Letterer Michael Heisler

Colorist John Wilcox

He-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed Tom DeFalco

Cover Dated February 1991

Girls’ School From Heck Part Three of Three… 605 mots de plus


Wagner FLEXiO 590 Giveaway!

Many of you have probably not forgotten when I painted one of our closet doors Caterpillar Green. What you may have forgotten is, I did it… 197 mots de plus

Mastersingers: six hours and two burritos later

Whilst somewhere in London Madonna was taking a bow (or should we say pratfall), the Operahussy crew were immersed in ENO’s stellar production of Wagner’s Mastersingers of Nuremberg. 409 mots de plus


Russian Opera Director "Offends Religious Believers," Faces Prison Time

Timofei Kulyabin, an opera director in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, is facing criminal charges for having offended religious believers with his staging of Wagner’s… 35 mots de plus

Cosima and Richard Wagner: a Love Story Less Convoluted than the Ring Cycle

The past two months I’ve had the pleasure/back and arm ache of performing Wagner’s Die Walkure; it has been a great excuse to delve into some… 1 468 mots de plus


Not everyone who approaches a mammoth role like Hans Sachs has the luxury of knowing several famous exponents upon whom they can rely for advice and support. 1 092 mots de plus


Wenn man von einem unerträglichen Druck loskommen will, so hat man Haschisch nöthig.

Wohlan, ich hatte Wagner nöthig. Wagner ist das Gegengift gegen alles Deutsche par excellence, – Gift, ich bestreite es nicht…
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