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Opera North's Dutchman

In the year’s break before their complete Ring, Opera North is continuing its Wagner work with The Flying Dutchman – another of their semi-staged concert versions with the orchestra at the back and projections.  578 mots de plus

Performances I've Seen

Sentimental Saturday - Happy 4th of July

I’m posting photos from my collection of family photographs on Saturdays with a brief explanation of what I know about each picture.

Ellen and I are both proudly Canadian. 250 mots de plus


Frame by Frame

The Frame Story: a tale within a tale.

This device has been taken to dazzling scopes. The 1001 Nights comes to mind with stories within stories within stories all told by Scherezade trying to save her own life. 270 mots de plus

Opera in Pajamas

(you, not the performers.  Although that would be interesting)

Can’t make it to Milan to see an opera at La Scala?  I feel your pain.  Maybe this will help. 475 mots de plus


A quick intro to Richard Wagner

Wagner is still one of the most important figures in all of Western music, through his revolutionising of tonality and his’Tristan und Isolde’, Bayreuth, Ponnelle/Barenboim, 1983’Gesamtkunstwerk’ model and the way he pioneered the use of leitmotifs which are still in use today. 932 mots de plus