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More Hotel History

Yesterday, our blog, Just What Went on at the Wagner Hotel?, told some stories about the Wagner Hotel which was once located in Altenburg, Missouri.  543 mots de plus

Free Class: What an Aria Text Reveals

If you are in Berlin and want to brush up your German, come to my workshop “German for Opera Singers”

The goal: Through the analysis of the language, this first of a short series of workshops provides a deeper understanding of the language of German opera. 343 mots de plus


Barenboim AND Argerich? Prom 43 – West-Eastern Divan Orchestra/Barenboim/Argerich Review

This was one of the hottest tickets in the entire Proms season. I applied for it the same as everyone else; adding a host of Proms into my “basket” and then eagerly waiting for the release date laptop at hand. 648 mots de plus

Classical Music

The Guardian provides a platform for Daniel Barenboim to slam Israel.

Last week Aditya Chakrabortty interviewed Israeli, or to be more accurate Israeli and Palestinian, conductor Daniel Barenboim for the Classical music section of the Guardian. 571 mots de plus