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The Work is Worth It

A goal is something you work for and once it arrives the satisfaction of reaching it is amazing. My husband and I celebrated a goal today, we paid an outside company to clean our house. 260 mots de plus

A Year Of Inspiration

Waiting on God

Waiting on God can be hard, especially when He’s given you a promise and multiple verses to confirm that promise and yet nothing seems to be happening. 82 mots de plus


Frustrated Biker

Written for Sunday Muse #56  (posted by Fireblossom)

There you go,
off to pee.  So easy
for you, but what
about me?  See any
bathrooms around… 27 mots de plus

Purple's Home

Heaven, waiting, sings~by Jeremy J Croucher

Heaven, waiting, sings

It’s peaceful here, these darkened rooms
this ward, this evening hour
A deepened sleep. Breath in, breath out
from this still fading flower… 97 mots de plus



I follow the footsteps, but I get tired. I look around. There is chair; I sit in it. I enjoy the waves and the sunset. The footsteps are big. 214 mots de plus

Not Alone

The lantern was her beacon. Every clear night for the past eight months, he sat at the end of that pier with only the antique lantern as his companion. 248 mots de plus