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Toes & Tears.

Three days. It took me THREE DAYS to write this post. Someone who is bed-ridden shouldn’t have much else to do… Right? Wrong. I have been extremely busy… Sleeping. 272 mots de plus


Don’t leave me alone (I’m lonely)

When I worked on the tills at the local supermarket whilst I was at university, I would get the same customers coming to me every weekend. 1 012 mots de plus


Narcissism Is Foul

NB. If you recognise that you are experiencing the negative influence of narcissistic behaviour, please seek support for your mental wellbeing and fortitude.  Remove yourself from any environment that is toxic to you, as soon as possible, and employ positive, constructive ‘tools’ to rebuild your emotional and psychological strength. 196 mots de plus

Life Skills


I think everyone wants me to say I’m okay

Even when I’m not.

To ease the pain they feel,

The worry they have about my life. 52 mots de plus


Day 3: New Me

Last entry, I talked about the toxic lifestyle of pushing things off until tomorrow. This is something I have been extremely guilty of lately. After months and months of living like this, Sunday was the day I looked at myself and said; … 543 mots de plus


5 tips to stay on track while you snack

As a nutritionist people often ask me: “ how do you stay on track between your meals?” The answer is simple, you need to eat when you are hungry and snacking is the way to go about it. 586 mots de plus