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Look how far you've come.

After a lovely weekend spent with a good friend and lots of good food, I was ambling along on the long drive home. The sun was shining through the Autumn Leaves and I was singing loudly (badly) to Radio 1. 292 mots de plus

Mental Health

Meditation, meditation, meditation!

Whenever people ask me what I did that enabled me to start getting better – what particular method I used, I never know how to answer because it’s been such a holistic thing where I’ve made changed to every aspect of my life. 1 010 mots de plus


Dealing with your FOMO (the fear of missing out)

Hi Guys! How are you doing? What’s new?

I guess the most obvious thing from me is that my hiatus is over!

I’m back from taking a break from writing and ready to pick up where I left off. 1 171 mots de plus


Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Pass The Time When Living With Chronic Fatigue or Pain

Whether it’s a short illness like a virus or the four, or it’s a flare up of a chronic illness, low energy and pain can make the days and evenings feel long. 667 mots de plus


Would you be an Izzy Taylor?

Izzy is a guy who, along with his mates, has set up a food truck in the WalMart carpark area in Chico California to assist in feeding the victims of the wildfires over this last week. 207 mots de plus


Mojo - Joy

In this blog post I am exploring the second aspect of what makes up my Running Mojo:


I thought long and hard about the things that went into making up my Mojo, and kept coming back to the pleasure that running gives me and the way running (and being a runner) makes me feel. 1 321 mots de plus

Ultra Training