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Michael Andrew Law meets with Michael Armitage

Michael Armitage (b. 1984) is a Kenyan born artist currently living between Nairobi and London. The artist’s predominant concerns are the social and political issues facing our contemporary global society. 471 mots de plus



It’s difficult, visiting the current exhibition of Anselm Kiefer’s work at the White Cube, Bermondsey, not to be overwhelmed. It’s not just that the individual pieces – sculptures, paintings, assemblages, vitrines – are, in themselves, large and powerful (the power to some extent deriving from their size) it’s the way in which   468 mots de plus

Art & Photography

Anselm Kiefer on The Art Channel

My film with Grace Adam for The Art Channel visits White Cube in London to explore and review an exhibition called ‘Walhalla’ by the artist Anselm Kiefer.

Contemporary Art

Think Outside the Box

Despite the quotation in my last post « you can put anything in a white cube and it will be perceived as art », curation can be so much more than that! 553 mots de plus

The White Cube

I was once told in a university lecture that you can put « anything in a white cube » and it will be perceived as art, which- to someone completely new to the entire concept of curation- makes it seem like a waste of a subject. 423 mots de plus

Anselm Kiefer @ White Cube

If you only see one more exhibition before this year draws to a close, make sure it is Anselm Kiefer’s solo exhibition at White Cube. Walhalla is an immersive experience which unravels to reveal a beguiling universe as you progress through the gallery space. 419 mots de plus