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The Art of Listening

When we step in front of a painting or when we stand at the base of a sculpture, our eyes take control of the show. Scanning the forms before us, they wander across lines, encounter combinations of colour and glance at the nearby wall text. 797 mots de plus


Christian Marclay at White Cube...the final weekend.

…I assert that music is a realistic art; that it teaches us, even in its highest and apparently most detached forms, something about the world; that musical grammar is a grammar of reality; that song transforms life.

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A conversation with Beatriz Milhazes

Published on, 7 April, 2015

The space of White Cube in Hong Kong pulses with energy. Densely layered, vibrantly colourful works hang from the pristine walls on both floors. 2 152 mots de plus


Process Work

Here is some of my process work done in illlustrator. I started off by drawing two circles, than slicing them iwht straight, diagonal and one vertical line. 39 mots de plus

White Cube

Epson Projector

This projector is high in quality, and works perfectly with the installation piece that requires digital visual aid, such as films. It is portable, easy to use and has 3000 lumens of both colour and white brightness. 13 mots de plus

White Cube

Modular Acoustic Diffusor

This is an article all about Modular Acoustic Diffusor, detailing the number basis to create a modular that will help diffuse sound.

White Cube