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Christian Marclay at White Cube

I recently found myself reading ‘Lightness’, one of Italo Calvino’s essays from ‘Six Memos for the Next Millennium’.* (I say ‘found myself’ because the book was sitting on the table at which I was sitting at…reading it was not part of my plans for the afternoon.) The essay is structured around various literary sources – hardly surprising I guess as that it is writing that Calvino is addressing – and it draws on classical literature and in particular the work of Lucretius and Ovid. 749 mots de plus


to leave a light impression

darren almond (b. 1971, wigan, uk) at whitecube, bermondsey

white cube, south galleries, bermondsey. 22 january to 13 april 2014

This exhibition included photographs from the ‘Fullmoon’ and ‘Present Form’ series as well as a group of small-scale bronze sculptures. 620 mots de plus


Spaces for Contemporary Art

This group has been set up as part of the Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design MFA course.

The first discussion will be based on two recent pieces that explore the state of the art market, institutions and gallery spaces. 18 mots de plus

Art Institutions

White Cube

This afternoon we sent to the White Cube and Whitechapel Art Gallery.

In White Cube, we saw good exhibitons. One of the exhibiton is made by Christian Marclay. 115 mots de plus


Christian Marclay at White Cube Bermondsey

Bridging the visual, the audible and the kinetic, Christian Marclay’s new work for White Cube Bermondsey builds on his earlier explorations of sound and visual art that we know to have produced charming results. 650 mots de plus


Gabriel Orozco

Born in Mexico but working around the world, Orozco is “renowned for his endless experimentation with found objects, which he subtly alters.” (Tate, 2015) Orozco introduces playful elements into his work: sculptures, photography, painting and video. 289 mots de plus


Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay @ White Cube on 14.02.15

Including performance by Mark Sanders

This exhibition was recommended to me by a lecturer for it’s sonic appeal to me as a music student. 524 mots de plus