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The body real: paintings by Ellen Altfest, and a Book Review

« Ellen Altfest. Painting Close-Up »
Anthony Spira and others
MK Gallery, 2015
Softback, 13 x 20 cm (5.1 x 7.9 in), 136 pp., £20.00 from… 1 470 mots de plus


Glyndebourne, East Sussex 

I’ve been a fan of opera ever since I performed on stage at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Oh, I didn’t mention that before? 438 mots de plus

Fun Things To Do

Günther Förg "Lead Paintings" at White Cube Mason’s Yard

Last week, the White Cube in London started the exhibition « Lead paintings » by Günther Förg (1952-2013). I attended the launch as a complete novice, not being familiar with the late German painter’s work, and was seduced within minutes of stepping inside White Cube’s quietly inspiring two-level exhibition space at Mason’s Yard. 606 mots de plus


Bam! Pow! Gagosian Artist Battles Hollywood Over Rights to Superhero Images

If you’re an artist with copyright issues, it clearly helps to have mega-gallery Gagosian in your corner.

On the heels of a unique reaction to Gagosian-repped artist Richard Prince’s new appropriated Instagram series ofthe Suicide Girls, we now find that leaked Sony emails confirm that another Gagosian artist is embroiled in an « appropriation » dispute. 375 mots de plus

Male Art Star on Women Artists: 'It’s a Fact That Very Few of Them Succeed'

German art superstar Georg Baselitz, discussing his new commission for the town of Glyndebourne’s prestigious opera festival in the London Guardian yesterday, chose to repeat and expound upon his 2013 claim that, “Women don’t paint very well,” but wanting to be fair added: “It doesn’t just apply to painting, either, but also music.” 393 mots de plus


“The outside world must not come in, so windows are usually sealed off. Walls are painted white. The ceiling becomes the source of light.”

The Kunsthalle Linz… 1 114 mots de plus