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Gallery run 18th August

Gallery visits by @juliansharplesart, jogging via canals and parks. 9 pics. This week, Samara Scott Battersea Park and clockwise.

Su Xiaobai at White Cube. Size about 5’x5′ Depth about 6″ 94 mots de plus

Gagosian Gallery

A Cemetery of Harmony – Small Flies and Other Wings by Christine Ay Tjoe

A ray of light zigzags through a heap of colors. There are a thousand of insects of all sorts laying in this painting. Bugs? Bees? Ants? 275 mots de plus


Beauty and the Beast at the White Cube

Two contrasting exhibitions on at the moment.  Raqib Shaw’s paintings are extraordinary, huge canvases with nightmarish scenes.  There are skeletons swinging about, bush babies swigging champagne, hideous monkeys – but all in jewel colours with an enamel shine.  106 mots de plus

Art Exhibitions

Dóra Maurer 6 out of 5 at White Cube 24.05.2016-09.07.2016

‘6 out of 5’, 1979, Acrylic on wood with vinyl, 100x500cm

Though Maurer’s photographic work may be the most recognisable it is her use of colour which is demonstrated here. 511 mots de plus


Gallery run 14th July

Peckham to The Sunday Painter for the first time. North over Lambeth Bridge. St Jame’s, Green and Hyde Parks to Michael Werner. East to Timothy Taylor then south to Simon Lee gallery. 130 mots de plus

White Cube

Raqib Shaw: Self-Portraits

Raqib Shaw’s latest exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey is a series of masterpieces. Seriously. It’s a completely ballsy display of updated and reworked paintings by a group of Old Masters, and a few Renaissance patina-ed bronze sculptures. 668 mots de plus


Cecily Brown - Madrepora, Thomas Dane, London

“I want there to be a human presence without having to depict it in full” – Cecily Brown

Located mid way on the short stroll between two of St James’ art heavyweights – … 357 mots de plus

Gallery Exhibitions