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Male Art Star on Women Artists: 'It’s a Fact That Very Few of Them Succeed'

German art superstar Georg Baselitz, discussing his new commission for the town of Glyndebourne’s prestigious opera festival in the London Guardian yesterday, chose to repeat and expound upon his 2013 claim that, “Women don’t paint very well,” but wanting to be fair added: “It doesn’t just apply to painting, either, but also music.” 393 mots de plus


“The outside world must not come in, so windows are usually sealed off. Walls are painted white. The ceiling becomes the source of light.”

The Kunsthalle Linz… 1 104 mots de plus


The Art of Listening

When we step in front of a painting or when we stand at the base of a sculpture, our eyes take control of the show. Scanning the forms before us, they wander across lines, encounter combinations of colour and glance at the nearby wall text. 797 mots de plus


Christian Marclay at White Cube...the final weekend.

…I assert that music is a realistic art; that it teaches us, even in its highest and apparently most detached forms, something about the world; that musical grammar is a grammar of reality; that song transforms life.

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A conversation with Beatriz Milhazes

Published on, 7 April, 2015

The space of White Cube in Hong Kong pulses with energy. Densely layered, vibrantly colourful works hang from the pristine walls on both floors. 2 152 mots de plus