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Ok, so I was searching the internet for this list a while ago, and became rather frustrated with the results. Primarily because not ONE of the lists I found included the Declaration of Independence, which is the document that… 279 mots de plus

Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: MUST WATCH Ted-Ed video on how what you eat affects your brain

THIS great Ted Ed video reminds you how much your diet affects mood, energy and brain health.  A very important reminder to eat a balanced diet and that (healthy) carbohydrates and fats are your friend.

New book alert: All that glitters in Miami is not gold

Author Kari Lemor grew up as one of those kids who read all night under the covers.  Once she had her first glimpse of a romance novel at age 12, it was all over. 1 177 mots de plus

Recommended Books

Wild Card Wednesday: Instead of eating less, cook more--New York Times Food

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record but seriously, cooking at home is arguably the best thing you can do for you and your family’s health. 577 mots de plus

Book Review of Wild Card

Wild Card by Asfiya Rahman is an inspirational story. This book has a new set of emotions and I am sure sports lovers especially Tennis ones would just end up loving this. 387 mots de plus

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