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Rangers Fans, Be Excited for 2016

Sorry, Rangers fans but your team won’t be very good this year.  Even before Yu Darvish went down and had Tommy John surgery, the team didn’t look too good.  705 mots de plus

Chicago White Sox

Wild Card (2015)

It will take more than a little stylish cinematography to save this Jason Statham box-office bomb…

Bodyguard and recovering gambling-addict Nicky Wild (Jason Statham) is a man performing favours for the residents of Las Vegas. 399 mots de plus


UK Cinema New Releases - Weekend Commencing 27th March

I think it fair to say we’re leaving the low point of the year that is January and February.  In the coming weeks we have… 310 mots de plus

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Wild Card (2015)

I’m not what you would call a fan of Jason Statham, I’ve always felt that the highlight of his career for me will always be his second movie ‘Snatch’ (2000) a film I don’t particularly like; but am willing to jump to the defence of, solely based upon Statham’s performance, he has a certain cheeky charm that you can only really find in the English. 1 014 mots de plus

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Wild Card (2015) review

The latest action movie starring Jason Statham, ‘Wild Card’ features a gambling addict trying to escape Vegas and begin a new life.

Love him or hate him, Statham is good at what he does, he feels like the modern day equivalent of Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger back in the day. 222 mots de plus


The Gunman (2015) - Film Review

The Gunman is directed by Pierre Morel (Taken (2008)) and is based on a 1981 novel called The Prone Gunman written by Jean-Patrick Manchette.  In this adaptation Sean Penn stars as Jim Terrier, a private security contractor, who is part of a team out in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) protecting charitable non-governmental organisations (NGOs).   375 mots de plus

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