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Preview: St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche


Tonight is key matchup for the Colorado Avalanche and the St. Louis Blues. Both teams currently are fighting for a chance at the 2nd Wild Card spot but the Blues have a 1 point lead over the Avalanche. 450 mots de plus

Game Preview

Goal or No Goal?

In an important late season game, the Florida Panthers were able to keep their playoff hopes alive with a last second controversial goaltender interference call. 206 mots de plus

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Why The Phillies can compete for a Wild Card spot in 2018

Projected Opening Day Batting Order                 

1)         2B    Cesar Hernandez
2)         1B    Carlos Santana
3)         CF    Odubel Herrera
4)         LF    Rhys Hoskins
5)         3B    Maikel Franco… 1 410 mots de plus

Freakouts, Wild Card, Judas Was Jesus - Holroyd Arms, Guildford, (Thursday 22nd March 2018)

Judas Was Jesus was Stefan and Tyler from WSTL and Tuskar getting fucked off with sub-power amplification and making a decent fist of some weird shoegaze, post-rock, stoner, doom, goth, metal, drone, sludge, psych nonsense.  152 mots de plus


Musicians on the Rise

I Met A YetiI love where I grew up and I love seeing new things. When you add the two together, you might just find yourself hearing some good ass music, in a hole in the wall somewhere downtown. 197 mots de plus


"Life is like a cactus: full of pricks but also very beautiful"

Yesterday I went to a new place that I’ve never seen. Needless to say, it was awesome.

So it came about from a plant in my backyard. 206 mots de plus

Wild Card

Column: The Path to Paradise Begins In Hell

Last month, I discussed the three albums that led me on the way to become a metalhead after I decided to find the heaviest matter of the universe. 1 769 mots de plus