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Stan slammed his own guns.

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Sunroom Renovation - Week 2

I took time off from work for Week 2 because I knew I’d be too distracted to focus on my job when there was so much excitement happening around me. 716 mots de plus


Autumn Skylight

I wrote this poem and submitted it to be judged in a local contest, I hope that it does well there, and that you all can enjoy it here! 128 mots de plus


Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 10061, Here's how to get it.

Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 10061, Here’s how to get it. Microsoft has released another Windows 1…

How To's

Tired of waiting for the Event Viewer? Try Get-EventLog

I’m not a programmer and I have never wanted to be one.  I grudgingly began learning PowerShell because it was the way of the future for Windows Systems Administration (Server Core, anyone?)  From the first time I executed the Get-EventLog command, I was hooked on PowerShell.  275 mots de plus

Installing Windows software with Chocolatey: a few notes

I will limit myself to software that needs Administrative elevation in order to be installed. This is the default use-case for Chocolatey. It is way way easier than installing software all by hand, but there are a few things you need to know, hence these notes. 3 353 mots de plus