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The MYTH about "being acidic," & drinking apple cider vinegar & baking soda [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

None of the YouTube videos or articles that I have found on the internet offer ANY evidense that their information is:

1.  Emperically Validated.

2.  Based on valid statistical studies that reveal thst their conclusions are STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT. 38 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Chisau as a small person against a tall person

Wing chun does not rely on strength or reach to be effective.

This doesn’t mean that size doesn’t matter. Tall people have a range advantage and a height advantage against short people. 397 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Insight Into ChiSau

I have been having trouble sticking against one of the more senior students in my class. I couldn’t figure out the correct approach to the style of that student. 180 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Avoid Strain in ChiSau

If you feel like your arms or shoulders are tired during chisau, take a break. Do some arm swings or rotations, stretch gently.

If your shoulders are sore after chisau you need to revisit your technique. 84 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Frustration is Tension

One of the main things taught in wing chun and many other martial arts is to stay relaxed. Relaxed muscles react faster, hit harder, take less damage. 186 mots de plus

Wing Chun

The Centerline

Centerline theory is one of the primary foundations of wing chun. Most simply put, centreline theory is about maintaining a direct, straight line to an opponent’s center of mass. 281 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Mugamoodi (2012)

This Indian Tamil take on the costumed hero features some nifty fight choreography from Hong Kong legend Tony Leung Siu-Hung.

Anand is a young martial artist whose family and friends christen him “Bruce Lee”. 478 mots de plus