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Taekwondo: Kicking the big time (may contain spoilers)

Can a martial art be a competitive sport without compromising its essence? Could you take something as brutally efficient with real world application as Krav Maga and turn it into a spectator sport without it compromising its integrity? 593 mots de plus


Martial Arts As Social Institutions

It is this ability to endure through the generations that makes bodies of technique so important within the traditional martial arts.  As I have argued elsewhere, at their heart…

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Martial Commentary

Yin Style Bagua: The house that Bagua built

He sauntered over in a large fitting black t-shirt and black trousers. A thin middle aged man with silver hair and glasses. Sifu Philip was unassuming, he looked a little like Apple CEO Tim Cook. 661 mots de plus


Practice standing

As the only person to turn up to Monday’s class, I had in effect a private class with Sifu.

It was good to have some in depth instruction from Sifu on basics, we did a lot of kicking practice on the kick shield, my hips were aching afterwards, it must be over three years since I’ve done kicking on pads. 358 mots de plus

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Bikram Yoga: Enter the Sauna

Picking my classes I felt pretty comfortable. « Who wants to mess around with the shorter classes when they offer a relaxing ninety minute steamy session of Bikram yoga? 631 mots de plus