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Sun Devil Wing Chun Club: Teaching self-defense through relaxation

The Sifu instructs members on the fundamentals of this martial art

11/09/16 | 8:05pm

For most martial artists, it’s all about punches and kicks. But when practicing Wing Chun, it’s more about the balance of relaxation and tension. 20 mots de plus

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Over the last few years I have been introduced to something new, namely being overweight.  In my teens, twenties and for most of my thirties, I only had to watch an exercise video to lose weight, so this is a bizarre new life experience and one I’m not overly keen on. 852 mots de plus


"Ip Man" Spin-Off Casts Yeoh, Jaa, Bautista

For those who have had the chance to see Ip Man 3 got to see Max Zhang in a classic Wing Chun duel against Donnie Yen… 171 mots de plus

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Wing Chun: Under pressure

Every wing Chun teacher has their own special angle, this is not surprising perhaps as it is a martial art that seeks to exploit them – angles that is. 518 mots de plus


Following on from my post ‘Hitting the Mat’ about the start of my Aikido journey, this one is about my other martial arts challenge; Wing Chun.   701 mots de plus


Shaolin Kung Fu: as English as high tea

Messing around isn’t something the Shaolin really do. They have a program for martial perfection and they stick to it. This is rigorous, demanding, and occupies the majority of their waking life. 462 mots de plus


The Importance of Showing Up

I’m sure you’ve heard the Woody Allen quote that 80% of success is showing up. While 739 mots de plus