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Corso di Wing Chun Kuen

Siamo contenti di confermare che un corso di Wing Chun Kuen si terrà presso la Palestra Emme Gym, Via Guglielmo De Pastrovich 1 , … 23 mots de plus


Calibrating the Self

Now and then I need to go back to my hometown to recalibrate my taste in food. The tastes that I picked up over the years form a reference against my likes and dislikes in food. 88 mots de plus


Small Public Class in San Giovanni, Trieste.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to confirm that a small public class of Wing Chun Kuen will be held at Palestra Emme Gym, Via Guglielmo De Pastrovich 1, … 18 mots de plus


W.C.W. 26/08/2015 CHUM KIU


 Pt.1 – INTRO.

To begin lets decide exactly what Chum Kiu is, at least from my perspective, that way it will be easier to follow these Blogs. 944 mots de plus


Unarmed Combat/Self-Defense: Understanding the Nature of the Combative Environment

In any study or exploration of unarmed combat, it is important to understand the true nature of the combative environment that you are preparing for. This is because the nature of that environment will dictate the elements and circumstances that you will face and influence which techniques and methods will or will not work best for you in a given situation. 1 512 mots de plus


Book Review - A Twofer from John Hennessy

I’ve got a special going on this week, two reviews for the price of one.  It wasn’t entirely intentional, but I couldn’t pass up a vampire book and a book on marital arts from the same author.   929 mots de plus

Book Review