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Questioning Martial Arts

My Sifu, Alan Orr often starts his class with the question « Any questions? »One of the problems with martial arts training can often be the unwillingness to really question anything, it’s an easy habit to get into and often only broken by the best students, so start by asking yourself if you want to be amongst that group? 1 987 mots de plus

Competency Versus Accreditation

There is an often encountered but rarely spoken phenomenon in society. The dichotomy of competency and accreditation. Perhaps you have encountered this distinction at some point when you realised that generally certificates don’t get you hired but experience does. 900 mots de plus

Day 332: When one teaches, two learn – part deux

Sunday, November 27, 2016

When you teach children martial arts, you realise that’s not all you’re teaching.

You realise you hold the future in your hands. 65 mots de plus

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Day 325: When one teaches, two learn

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Every Tuesday, for the last three months, Bernardo and I have been beating the living snot out of each other in preparation for his major Wing Chun exam, which takes place tomorrow night. 43 mots de plus

365 Day Photos

Being in Time

« He always took the time to do everything. That’s being in time » (David Chadwick, writing about zen master Shunryu Suzuki).

The snow has arrived in Minnesota. 102 mots de plus


An Open Letter to the Women of the World from the White Witch

You have the right to defend your life

You absolutely DO have the RIGHT to COUNTER ASSAULT someone who is PHYSICALLY ASSUALTING, RAPING, or attempting to MURDER YOU. 562 mots de plus

Plato's Retreat

Hola mi gente,
I’ve had it up to ::here:: with the Clintons and their playing victim. It’s sickening. Hillary could shoot democracy dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue and her supporters would still vote for her. 784 mots de plus