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Day 211: Bridge-seeking

Friday, July 29, 2016

So I am now officially learning 尋橋.

It’s one thing to ape what you see on YouTube; it’s another thing entirely to learn the meaning of each move and then apply them.

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Anthony's Appetite #9 (from 2012)

The following post was written following my daughter Haley’s 12th birthday, and that was 4 years ago. This Friday she will be turning the big 16 while at Summit in Dayton, TN.

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Relationships And Family

Picking a Fight

When it comes to defending yourself the best way to go about doing it is to practice a martial art. There are many different types of martial art out there, many of which themselves have different forms and variations. 703 mots de plus

Self Defence Gravesend

Dont feel, think

It is but a life

Tragic, trials, and triumphs.

Do what needs to be after thinking

Need not think but apply

Go back where it started from. 55 mots de plus


Understand more about Tai Chi through the Wing Chun Master Chu Shong Tin

There are several high level instructing clips from the fascinating Wing Chun Master Chu Shong tin. The interesting thing is that Master Chu’s Wing Chun is very soft and just like Tai Chi, it relies on Yi (mind/intent) and not Li (strength). 40 mots de plus

General Tai Chi

Change, confusion, new horizons and optimism

June and July of 2016 was a time of change and confusion, both on a National level –with the ‘Brexit’ vote and leadership contests for both government and opposition party, the media made this into a time of pessimism and despair. 480 mots de plus

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Day 190: A new chapter begins

Friday, July 8, 2016

I received the results of my Level 1 exam in Wing Chun today.

I passed.

On one hand, I am tremendously relieved. 60 mots de plus

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