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Long Range 2

25 October.



« As soon as the French vanguard of crossbow men had reached five hundred paces, some of his longbow men, specifically selected for their mastery of distance and accuracy, strummed their bows. 777 mots de plus


Long Range

When you read the phrase « long range » in martial arts what comes to mind right away?

For me, it would be Lama White Crane and Choy Li Fut. 444 mots de plus


Not Capable

I couldn’t suppress a smile when I heard the statement « sifu, we are not capable of doing so ….. » at 4:03 in the following video :- 813 mots de plus


Dit Da Jow and Healing Liniment Available

Pacific Wing Chun has three blends of Dit Da Jow and a Coconut oil based Liniments available for purchase.

The Dit Da Jows are all based with Chinese and Hawaiian Healing herbs then aged over six months for full potency. 101 mots de plus

W.C.W. 25 - 11 - 2015


This post may annoy some people slightly due to the fact that I refute some idea’s that have been getting recent Web time, ideas put forward by prominent members of the Wing Chun community, people worthy of respect, I am not trying to say they are wrong, it is quite possibly just very bad film making, I obviously think differently to them but I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what works in Wing Chun, this is my opinion based on experience of what happens in a Street Adventure, I grew up amidst a lot of violence. 1 464 mots de plus


Honor Dedication and Respect

Honor Dedication and Respect

  The words in the title all intend and hold within a common theme of positivity,  virtue. As a teacher, coach or mentor it is imperative that these values are instilled unto your student especially where the skill being taught holds knowledge that could potentially end or take a life. 732 mots de plus


In any attack angle, one must use offense as a defense

Use your striking lead to bridge and is totality as a feeler from that which is provided by the opponent’s direct attack. 39 mots de plus