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Seikung Pa Choung - Six And a Half Point Pole

Vintage filming of Seikung Pa Choung, from Shaolin Foshan Wing Chun.

Wing Chun

蛇拳 Snake Fist

Last night I was doing some light sparring with Michael Hubbard at the Oakdale Wing Chun Club and busted a Snake style move out of nowhere…and it worked as an effective « moving » block! 95 mots de plus

Tom Delaney

Wing Chun Display Breaks Guinness Record

There are many different martial arts styles that have become popular over the years. Disciplines such as Muay Thai, judo and kickboxing have been popularized by the growth of mixed martial arts. 206 mots de plus

Martial Arts

The Thoughts of Two Strikers Together to Create a Basic Template on Striking

One-Pager for Striking


Keep it simple, stupid(KISS rules)

  • What’s the fastest way from point A to point B? A straight line. Punches should always be in a straight line from the outside.
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Bruce Lee

Wooden Dummy Set : Ving Tsun

Wooden Dummy work by Sifu Dwight Hennings with S3VT (System Science Skills Ving Tsun – WSLVT of Toronto, CANADA).

Wing Chun

P.T.G. Wing Chun - ''The Bridge''

The bridge from forms and drills to full-contact sparring

and eventually real fighting is actually a game –

consisting in various forms of isolated, light sparring. 25 mots de plus


P.T.G. Wing Chun ''Chained Punches''

My understanding of Wing Chun »Chained/Linked Punches ».
( Antiboredom strategy on a rainy sunday :-D )