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The Red Pill/Blue Pill Nature of the 6 or 9 Gate Theory

The secret society Wing Chun systems have a 6 or 9 Gate Theory (depending on which system you are learning), and much like in the movie « The Matrix » once you know you can not un-know. 204 mots de plus

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A Fancy Mess...

The Problem With Wing Chun (and every other martial art)

Wing chun has one of the same problems that every martial art has.  And if you’re only studying wing chun, or any other art, then… 50 mots de plus

Day 54: Smash him gently

Monday, 23 February  2015

We all laughed because we know how ridiculous « smash him gently » sounds to outsiders – but it’s central to everything I’m learning in Wing Chun, not to mention the new milestone I need to crack in my training. 24 mots de plus

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