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Wing Chun: The perfect Siu Nim Tao

Teachers will all tell you the importance of Siu Nim Tao. They’ll tell you it is at the centre of all Wing Chun and that it’s the building block for all that is to follow. 526 mots de plus

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Everyday is a journey

This is a phrase my Dad used last week when we went to visit him in hospital, he’s making good progress now with his recovery from his stroke, and has been in a wheel chair, so he’s getting some form of mobility back, everyday trying to do something new, gain a bit more independence. 400 mots de plus

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Wing Chun: The will to teach

This teacher is a colourful man. He has a wealth of experience employing Wing Chun practically across a career spanning Asia, America, and Europe. Amongst his many achievements is being one of the early Wing Chun instructors to practice in England. 515 mots de plus

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Day 104: Symmetry is my OCD

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What happens on the left will happen on the right… except for that one last kick with the left leg, which the right is meant to learn through sympathy. 64 mots de plus

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Day 102: Not daydreaming

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I can’t actually feel my elbows. I don’t know if it’s true of anyone else, so I’m focussing on an imaginary point between the tricep and the forearm, watching its arcing motion and the position of the ulna. 36 mots de plus

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Jiu Jitsu: The corkscrew, nail file and can opener of martial arts

Some martial arts specialise and some want to do everything. Like an over achieving school child, or a student of PPE, some martial arts just can’t be contained to just one area. 577 mots de plus

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Where does the time go?

Time is a strange thing, as we go through life, crossing off the days on the calendar, days we’ll never get back, time seems so fixed and rigid, and yet the older I get the quicker time seems to go by we’re now in April, soon before we know it we’ll be facing the summer holidays, and then the slow slope into autumn and winter. 387 mots de plus

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