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The 'Young Cubs' Are Born

This evening saw the birth of our new Wing Chun Kuen group, ‘Young Cubs’.

It is a private group consisting of middle school students attending… 36 mots de plus


This ain't exactly a knitting club, y'know.

Wing Chun isn’t easy to photograph. There are no graceful animal poses or flashy moves with outstretched limbs. Its beauty is in the simplicity of its movements; brutally efficient in close quarters and an absolute marvel to see in motion. 237 mots de plus

365 Day Photos

An approach to self-defense

By Rosa Sophia

My brother believed in knowing how to defend oneself because, to him, there was no other way. I feel his book is written from the perspective of someone who expected danger around every corner. 133 mots de plus

Martial Arts

Astounding Second Meeting

I was too busy playing with you all to take any snaps, but I managed to shoot a short clip of Christian and Alberto at the end of their striking megathon. 16 mots de plus


A Light in the Dark 5

Click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Master Wong Shun Leung lost to Wu Ming Jer, the Taiwanese King of Kicks in the 1957 Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau Guoshu Competition. 295 mots de plus


A Light in the Dark 4

Click for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Aside from learning the identify of Wu Ming Jer as the fighter who defeated Wong Shun Leung, I found another interesting piece of information. 683 mots de plus


A Conversation with Christopher McDougall, author of Natural Born Heroes, September 17, 2015

Chris McDougall has done it beautifully!

« Done what? » you ask.

Written a self-help book disguised as a historical World War Two action-thriller.

He’s taken a story of the daring kidnapping of the German General, Heinrich Kreipe, from the island of Crete in March of 1944—a story that everyone’s heard but no one really knows—then combined it with elements of fascia profunda science, foraging for greens with a former ballerina in the heart of Brooklyn, George Hebert’s Natural Method and Phil Maffetone’s 2-week test back to… 260 mots de plus