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Why Wing Chun is often not a good Health Solution

Many Wing Chun schools promote their content to be good for health. This is only partly true, i will explain why you would be better off with Qi Gong if you practice Wing Chun for Health reasons. 668 mots de plus


some jibberish about WingTsun?

I’ve recently acquired 7th level in Wing Tsun. this is to say, that I’ve come a little over a half way into ‘being prepared to learn’. 434 mots de plus


Two Shield Videos

Both available from http://www.wle.com

1. Dan-Dao-Dep or “Rattan Shield and Single Broadsword technique” was used by infantry soldiers against cavalry in battles on ancient China. As the Dan-Dao-Dep technique is very difficult to be countered with ordinary weapons, some kung fu experts found that only the Tai-Pa (trident) techniques could effectively deal with a Dan-Dao-Dep attack. 62 mots de plus