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Wuxia Dreams - My note on Wing/Ving Tsun/Chun enthusiasm...

I note this expecting 99,9% antagonism, scepticism, and rejection. I do so for the chosen few who really have to survive a street crime or murder attempt. 344 mots de plus

Botched Stories

"Fake" spirituality in martial arts and Parkour

Martial arts and Parkour are different things but share the same load of bullshit when it comes to the spiritual side of the practice. For example, there are many people within martial arts that view MMA as savage, brutal, lowly. 851 mots de plus

Martial Arts

Chum Kiu

The Second Form of Wing Chun.


Chum Kiu (Cham Kiu), or “Seeking the Bridge” is Wing Chun’s second weaponless form. The Chum Kiu form builds upon the skills developed from the first form Siu Nim Tao. 549 mots de plus


Why Wing Chun is often not a good Health Solution

Many Wing Chun schools promote their content to be good for health. This is only partly true, i will explain why you would be better off with Qi Gong if you practice Wing Chun for Health reasons. 668 mots de plus