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1. Dan-Dao-Dep or “Rattan Shield and Single Broadsword technique” was used by infantry soldiers against cavalry in battles on ancient China. As the Dan-Dao-Dep technique is very difficult to be countered with ordinary weapons, some kung fu experts found that only the Tai-Pa (trident) techniques could effectively deal with a Dan-Dao-Dep attack. 62 mots de plus

Wing Chun Hong Kong - Sifu Kong Chi-Keung

We apologize for the quality of this video. Great insight from Hong Kong’s Sifu Kong Chi-Keung.

Wing Chun

Blog de WIOK Wing Chun International Open Kung Fu

Informacion de Artes Marciales Chinas y en especial de Wing Chun (estilo de Kung Fu) tambien llamado Wing Tjun, Wing Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Tsun. Otros Estilos tambien tendran mucho espacio como: Qwan Ki Do, Tai Chi y Wushu. 39 mots de plus

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Deportes Galicia

Las mejores instalaciones y amplios horarios donde aprender Qwan Ki Do, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun y Tai Chi. Deportes antes exclusivos ahora para todos. Si desea obtener más información sobre… 18 mots de plus

Qwan Ki Do

Why Wing Chun?

Why Wing Chun?

Wing Chun, also known as Wing Tsun, Wing Tzun, Ving Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Tsung, and Young Shun, is a chinese martial art that first started to develop around 250 to 300 years ago. 617 mots de plus