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some jibberish about WingTsun?

I’ve recently acquired 7th level in Wing Tsun. this is to say, that I’ve come a little over a half way into ‘being prepared to learn’. 434 mots de plus


Two Shield Videos

Both available from http://www.wle.com

1. Dan-Dao-Dep or “Rattan Shield and Single Broadsword technique” was used by infantry soldiers against cavalry in battles on ancient China. As the Dan-Dao-Dep technique is very difficult to be countered with ordinary weapons, some kung fu experts found that only the Tai-Pa (trident) techniques could effectively deal with a Dan-Dao-Dep attack. 62 mots de plus

Wing Chun Hong Kong - Sifu Kong Chi-Keung

We apologize for the quality of this video. Great insight from Hong Kong’s Sifu Kong Chi-Keung.

Wing Chun

Blog de WIOK Wing Chun International Open Kung Fu

Informacion de Artes Marciales Chinas y en especial de Wing Chun (estilo de Kung Fu) tambien llamado Wing Tjun, Wing Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Tsun. Otros Estilos tambien tendran mucho espacio como: Qwan Ki Do, Tai Chi y Wushu. 39 mots de plus

Kung Fu

Deportes Galicia

Las mejores instalaciones y amplios horarios donde aprender Qwan Ki Do, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun y Tai Chi. Deportes antes exclusivos ahora para todos. Si desea obtener más información sobre… 18 mots de plus

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