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Up, Up and Away

Sometime last year, I bought myself a ticket to fly in a hot air balloon with Sundance Balloons.  Since then I found out that Winnipeg weather is often not good for flying.  402 mots de plus


Follow-up with Torque

We are halfway through the summer months and getting closer to having two new breweries begin selling their beer. PEGbeer has written they‘re close to starting to brew while Torque is inching ever closer. 693 mots de plus

Craft Beer

Abandoned Winnipeg kitten loses leg, looking for new home

WINNIPEG —  An abandoned kitten that lost its leg due to amputation, now has renewed hope for a new home.

Tuxedo Animal Hospital said a « good Samaritan » brought in a 10-week-old kitten named « Trip » several days ago. 270 mots de plus


Theo Fleury, former NHL star, leads march to raise awareness of child sex abuse

WINNIPEG — The walk from the town of Russell, Manitoba to Winnipeg took five days for supporters of Victor Walk, a group working to de-stigmatize mental health issues and sexual abuse. 408 mots de plus


Danny the Scottish Terrier (Pencil Drawing)

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s self remains unawakened.


Torch of Dignity Relay celebrates Canada's commitment to promote human rights worldwide

WINNIPEG — About 100 torch bearers ran a 19km relay to join an international movement to promote human rights around the world.

The run launched at Thunderbird House and ended with a celebration at Assiniboine Park. 32 mots de plus


NewLeaf Travel Company set to soar from Winnipeg Monday

WINNIPEG — Canada’s new low cost air travel company will attempt to take flight for the second time this year.

NewLeaf Travel Company sent a test flight from Halifax to Winnipeg Friday afternoon, ahead of the official take off Monday. 193 mots de plus