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Weekend Reflections- Window Series

A whole lot of wonky reflections in 2 storey’s worth of windows of a building in downtown Winnipeg:

I can’t even begin to piece together what the reflected building must actually look like!

Linking to Weekend Reflections here.


Mise En Scene - Waster

Punching their way over the airwaves all the way from Winnipeg, Mise En Scene have an energy about them that’s just plain irresistible and their music will make your feet want to shuffle like there’s no tomorrow. 175 mots de plus


Man charged after police say he robbed store, asked officers to shoot him

One man has been charged after police say he robbed a convenience store in the North End and asked officers to shoot him.

On Tuesday afternoon, police were called to the 600 block of Selkirk Avenue after reports of a man armed with scissors and a knife was trying to open car doors. 126 mots de plus


Oxus Brewing - Follow-up

I had the chance to stop into Oxus Brewing to chat with Sean and see how things are progressing. For those of you not familiar with Oxus, I spoke with Sean… 380 mots de plus


Bishop Grandin construction proving to be a headache for Winnipeg drivers

WINNIPEG — It’s no surprise that there are back ups along Bishop Grandin Boulevard, causing typical construction headaches for drivers.

But, the City of Winnipeg said construction from a private developer will be mixed in to the delays until at least Monday June 26. 287 mots de plus


New Dakota Collegiate field named after Manitoba business family

WINNIPEG — The Louis Riel School Division has settled on a name for a new field and recreation project at Dakota Collegiate.

Murray Auto Group and the Dan Murray family have pledged $250,000 to help begin phase one of construction on the new name Murray Field. 162 mots de plus


Award Tour in July

Award Tour, the Bundown/Refresh-helmed rap party of 90s nostalgia, returns Saturday, July 8.

The July edition will feature the first appearances by Mav-One and Mike B and the first live set from Ofield along w Ryan Reyes and Jay Boogie. 15 mots de plus