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The only good thing about being sick is soup.

After much scrutinizing thought and contemplation I have come to understand that Asian cuisine is hands down my choice for the « if I can only eat one thing for the rest of my life » award. 508 mots de plus

Food And Drink

OOTD - Kassie

Meet Kassie; an aspiring photographer with a love for psychotic thrillers. With over two thousand followers on Instagram, Kassie always finds the time to photograph Winnipeg.  193 mots de plus

In and Out

On a beautiful day like we are having here in Winnipeg today, the in and out could easily refer to Chester wanting out and wanting in again and again (which he has, of course, been doing). 300 mots de plus


49/100 happy weeks

I’m back… as a Mommy!

How did this happen?  Well, I think we know « how » but where did the time go?  I can’t believe 9 months, 2 days and 11.5 hours have passed already.   451 mots de plus


Study Up and Get S-M-R-T

This article originally appeared in The Uniter. You can see it in its original format here

Study Up and Get S-M-R-T
U of W hopes to build consent culture through new Sexual Misconduct Protocol… 535 mots de plus


Bread science with Joanne from Sleepy Owl Bread

If you’re the type of person who couldn’t keep a Tamagotchi alive in the 90s, you don’t stand a chance at keeping yeast alive.

Joanne Toupin and Beau Burton, owners of… 690 mots de plus

Boost your Breakfast

If you were to ask me what my favourite meal of the day is, I would jump to say breakfast. Every morning I look forward to drinking a fresh cup of coffee while scrolling through my Instagram feed and eating a delicious breakfast. 262 mots de plus