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The Strange Church

There’s a bittersweet scene in Ezra chapter 3 during the time when the exiles, returning from 70 years of captivity, were rebuilding the temple that had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. 675 mots de plus

Church Of Christ Borger

JavaScript: How to Loop All Letters in a Word Doc

Last week, I wrote a function that loops through all the characters in the first paragraph of a Google Doc. But chances are, if you’re running through all the characters in a paragraph, you’re going to need all the characters in… 257 mots de plus

Gif Guides

FAVORITES (as of right now)

In the last few weeks, I’ve discovered some pretty amazing websites which has prompted me to blog about current #EdTech favorites that make life, education, jobs easier. 583 mots de plus



Tell me we will stay

For the prayers I have whispered under your breath


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It seems to be hot outside yet it is cool when I am with you.

I feel thirsty often and every time I quench it through your lips. 236 mots de plus


New moon

You know I get lonely

Why do you have to leave every time?

I know , it’s been eternity , yet I get lonely too .