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Feelin' Fine with the Hermits

This week’s Song Lyrics Sunday challenge is to write about a piece that includes the words touch or feel.  Feel and Feeling (Feelin’) are key words in the positive (« feel so proud ») and as a cover-up (« Feelin’ fine ») in the 1963/1965 classic « Mrs. 348 mots de plus


Poetry - Tectonic Plates of Society

Tectonic Plates of Society


As the tectonic plates shift

The ground beneath us.

New mountains of behaviour

Push upwards as cultures clash.

Mountain ranges of compassion, 55 mots de plus


SEEKER, chapters 1-5

Some time ago I revised my novel, Seeker, for publication by Candy Jar Books. (It will be released in a new paperback format soon – just working out the details.) And after seeing the way people are struggling with the isolation brought on by the Coronavirus outbreak, I made the decision to release the book digitally in the meantime. 79 mots de plus


Hello again! Or: Trying to silence the Monkey.

I haven’t been here in ages…which doesn’t mean that I haven’t been drawing/painting/making. I did. But it was never really satisfying. Never good enough. Never a coherent style. 221 mots de plus

Be An Artist

Poetry - Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble

On top of a wave

About to crash

On a foreign beach.

Wondering my fate.

To be burst? 46 mots de plus