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Poetry - Taxes

I was inspired to write this by the ‘revelation’ that Trump pays no taxes. It’s something we’ve always known. It is why he doesn’t release his tax returns. 164 mots de plus


Here's what Biden needs to say sometime Tuesday evening

Here’s what Biden needs to say sometime Tuesday evening:

« We all know what happened. You choked. The little whirlwind around you had to read your tweets and your moods, and they heard you spouting nonsense contrary to public health officials’ science.

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Walk at Sledmere! Yorkshire countryside - photos

This was the second to las walk we did in the fading Summer. Up on the Yorkshire Wolds. The beauty of the Yorkshire countryside all around us. 16 mots de plus


Islam: The Empowering of Women

I received this book as a birthday gift in 2018 from a friend in the university. I managed to finish this book recently. This book was first published in 1999 and reprinted in 2009. 205 mots de plus



       RAINY DAYS 

Rain Birds
Balancing on the washing line,
Until the wind
Blows them off. 

Rain witches
Swooping down in showers
Of grey drops
And dying leaves. 45 mots de plus



I need to find that chatty little thing –

the chatty little grinning thing
that sits at the edge of the table
and curls like a puppy… 313 mots de plus


Writing 28/9/20

Below is the task for this week. Please read it fully and carefully to help you.